Dear Parents,

My name is Mrs. Evans. 

I’m delighted that you’ve visited this website.  I’ve made it primarily so that your students can get the work they miss when they are absent and so that you know what is going on in the classroom on a daily basis.

I am honored to have your student in my classroom.  I wish I could promise that I will make your student an academic rockstar, but I can only promise to offer the opportunity for this to happen.  After our encouragement, success is earned by the student.

This Website

From my home page (and most pages on the site), you’ll notice a few things to the right.  I hope you’ll use them to help you navigate this site:

  • A subscribe box: You may subscribe to my posts using your email address in this box.  You will be able to choose if you want each post sent to you immediately or if you’d rather all the posts within a day be sent at the same time (daily). 
  • A calendar: Click on the dates on the calendar to see all the posts from that day.
  • Class list: Choose a class to see all the posts for that class.
  • Search bar: If you are looking for anything with a key word, search using that box.
  • Homework and Due dates: Look here for important upcoming information.
  • Links: Here are a bunch of fun or professional links.  You may find the link to progressbook to be most helpful; check your student’s grade often.


The best way to contact me is via email:  If you do not have email or do not check it regularly, you may call the school.

How to succeed

One of the most important ways you can help your student to succeed is by setting clear expectations at home.  Check their progressbook grades regularly–by logging on or having them print the grades and bring them home to you.  Let your student know exactly what you expect.

Secondly, it helps to keep the weekly schedule in mind:

In my classroom, students are always engaged in project-based learning, which means that we do projects to demonstrate learning.  Each quarter, students are given calendars that list the activities we will complete each day.  These are somewhat flexible, but students should review them regularly.  They are usually posted in the “Homework and Due Dates” section on the right side of this webpage. 


I expect the following from every student in my classroom:

  • Respect: For all other students, for teachers, and for themselves
  • Best work: Work should be their best–not a copy of another’s work or incomplete half-effort job.
  • Timeliness: Students should always be on time for class or have a signed excuse from a teacher or administrator before entering the classroom. 

Please let me know if you have any questions at any time.  I want to help your student succeed in class and in life.

Thank you,


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