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Check Me Out!

Check me out, guys!  My menus have changed a bit.  Here’s the scoop.

If you look just below the pretty picture at the top of the page, you’ll see some white words on black background.  That is called the menu.  (Read: Um, kind of like you’d find at a restaraunt!)  The menu has changed a bit.

Links have been removed for the sake of simplicity.  All necessary links will be found after you roll over your class title in the menu. 

A Parent page has been added.  This page has a letter to parents that students are welcome to read.

A Contact form has been addd.  This form will make it easy for anyone to send me a message–even if they do not have an email address. 

A Submit form has been added, as well.  This form will be used for some assignments, but students can feel free to submit any make-up work using this form.  That should be SUPER useful, right?

Cruise the site.  Let me know if you have questions, comments, or suggestions!