English 2 and Honors 2: Maniac Monday

Today, students were introduced to the typical Monday schedule.  We did the following:

1. Received the Week 1 Grammar Worksheet.  Students were guided through completing Monday’s section of the worksheet.  Students should ONLY complete Monday’s section on Monday–no more than that.  Easy.

2. English 2: While students were completing the Monday section of the worksheet, I checked for supplies.

3. Students were given the Journal prompt for the day.  Students are to respond to the journal prompt with a half-page of writing in response to the quote or the question in the prompt.  (Honors students should fill 3/4 of a page).  Students should put one journal on one sheet of paper in the “journal” section of their 5-subject notebook.

“The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.” –Mark Twain; Is reading really important?  Explain the benefits or draw-backs to reading.

4. Students went to the library to check out a book for independent reading.  When we returned, students read for the remainder of the period.

Have a fabulous Monday!



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