English 1, 2, Honors: The last ACT question! Wahoo for countdowns!

Today, students answered the ACT question for 5/10 (goes in the 5/12 row of the ACT point sheet):

I am more often sorry I didn’t follow my father out to the garden.
The best placement for the underlined portion would be:
A. where it is now
B. after the word sorry
after the word follow.
D. after the word garden (ending the sentence with a period).

Then students followed the directions below:

English 1: Students went to the library to put essays into the websites; websites are due tomorrow by the end of the day.

Honors 2: Students continued to work on the projects; presentations begin tomorrow.

English 2: Students were given a grade on the peer revisions done in class yesterday; students rewrote the essays with corrections and began preparing the projects to turn in tomorrow.

Happy learning,


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