English 1, 2, Honors: Ah, the last normal Thursday!

Today, students responded to ACT 5.5:

I had no qualms, of course, about enjoying the results of his labor: the potatoes, squash, cucumbers, and cauliflower that he pursued out of the earth.
B. coaxed
C. surrendered
D. enlisted

Then, students followed the following directions for their specific class:

English 1: Students’ outlines were checked and students were given the worksheets and outlines for the second of two lyrics.  Tomorrow and Monday we will be in the library for students to put the essays into the websites; students should have the first essay complete for class tomorrow.

Honors 2: Students practiced for the final presentation in groups.  Period 11 also finished presentation sign-ups.

English 2: Students’ outlines were checked; students began working on the essay for the project.  Students who are behind on their work need to be caught up by tomorrow or zeroes will stand.

Happy learning,


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