English 2: B/P Analysis –a first try

Today, students answered the ACT question for today (3/24):

I grew up with buckets, shovels and nets waiting by the back door; hip waders hanging in the closet; tide table charts covering the refrigerator door; and a microscope was sitting on the table.
B. would sit
C. sitting
D. sat

Then, students were given the Toyota Recall Article.  We read the article as a class.  Then, we discussed the article’s methods of bias and persuasion as a class.

Then, students were introduced to an activity.  Students began creating a worksheet they will use for the quarter to help them analyze the sources they read/watch.  The worksheet should be flexible and have every term from the notes on it.  We will get about 10 minutes to finish working on it in class tomorrow; then, we will share them.  The best worksheet wins double credit!

Happy learning,


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