English 1, 2, Honors: Quarter 4 Intro

Today was a busy class day.  As always, be sure to read the entire post and ask me if you have questions.

Students went to the library to check out/renew books.  We will resume our regularly scheduled reading on Wednesday.

Students were given the quarter calendar for quarter 4.  I reviewed the calendars with the class and showed students where to get the calendar if they should lose this one.  If you look to the right of this page, you’ll see the Quarter Calendars subtitle.  In that category, students can find the quarter calendars.  They will be there the rest of the year.  Also, I’ve attached them below:

PAUSE! Take a breath.

Another breath.

Read on.

Students were also introduced to the new grade grid to be posted on the blue board every Friday.  The new grid contains a column with a goal grade and a needed grade.  The goal grade is the final course grade the student is aiming for; the needed grade is the number grade the student should shoot for during quarter 4 and on the final exam in order to get the goal grade.  Please see me if you’d like to change the goal grade or if you have questions.  Also see me if you’d like to talk about taking e2020 units to boost a quarter 3 failing grade.

Students were also introduced to the new ACT points system.  Students will use the ACT Point Sheet to keep track of the English ACT answers and points we have in class.  As indicated on the sheet, students earn prizes for the quarter when they earn certain amounts of points.  Please be advised that each ACT question is worth two points.  We have two a week and, if we miss one during a week, I may make adjustments to the points required to win prizes. If you were absent, be sure to come get one from the room.

Finally, students were given the Reflection and Goal Setting Sheet to fill out before the class’s end.  If you were absent, be sure to complete this for credit.

Happy quarter 4 and happy learning,