English 2, Honors: Grade Chat

Today, students were given three handouts:

  1. Individual Progress Report (as of 2/23)
  2. Letter to Parents
  3. Student Parent Letter Prompt

Additionally, students were informed about their updated/posted grades on the blue board:

  • The new column, “Current %,” is your final course grade if you continue the rest of the school year with your current quarter 3 grade.
  • If you have a blank quarter grade, the “Current %” column is incorrect (and, probably, the semester grade column).
  • If the current quarter grade is different than your progress report, see me to make necessary changes before your parent views the progress report.
  • Please ask me questions if you have them.

Finally, students were instructed to follow the instructions found on the Student Parent Letter Prompt.  Letters should be completed in class and returned to me signed on Monday, February 28 during class.  This assignment is for a grade.  If letters aren’t returned, parent contact will be made.

Happy learning,


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