Honors 2: Cosette/Marius Discussions

Today, students had group discussions.  They answered the following questions in groups and we had a class-wide discussion at the end of the class:


  • 1. Explain Valjean’s escape from prison.
  • 2. What does Jean receive from Cosette that was completely new to him?
  • 3. Explain the reason that the people call Jean the “beggar who gives alms”?
  • 4. Explain the reason that Jean flees the Gorbeau House. What does Jean fear most about being captured again?
  • 5. Summarize Jean’s escape from Javert and company. What makes the prioress and the reverend mother let Jean and Cosette stay at the convent?
  • Closing question: What is the purpose of a prison system? When is such a system no longer necessary?


  • 1. Explain why Marius leaves the home of his grandfather, and why he refuses money from him.
  • 2. To what is Hugo referring when he writes, “For five years Marius had lived in poverty, in privation, in distress even, but he perceived that he had never known real misery?”
  • 3. Based on the reading, how important is family in developing one’s character? Use proof from the text to support the answer.
  • 4. Describe the type of person Jondrette (Thenardier) is. Use examples from the text for support.

Happy learning,


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