Honors English: Introductions

Today, students answered OGT question 20:

Lakes are meant to provide summer fun for everyone.  Many times, however, jet skis outnumber boats on smaller lakes.  Using a jet ski is great fun, but common sense and a few basic rules are needed to keep skiers and others safe.

Which approach should a writer take to develop the paragraph?

  • A. Charting weather conditions over lake areas
  • B. Researching articles describing America’s smaller lakes
  • C. Surveying the number of people usig camping facilities
  • D. Investigating accidents involving jet skis on smaller lakes

Then, students were given the Research Paper Rubric.  Then, students began forming an outline for the research paper.  This is due on Thursday, before we go to the library to begin our research; it is okay if you don’t have details.  You may include questions in your outline in the place of information.  The outline will change some between now and your first draft.

We also discussed reliable sources:

  • encyclopedia.com
  • college web pages
  • major newspapers
  • non-fiction books
  • government records
  • academic journals (accessed through EBSCO)
  • [I have links on my website, too.]

These are some sites you shouldn’t use:

  • wikipedia.org
  • search engines
  • yourself

We also looked at and explored www.easybib.com.


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