Honors 2: Extra Credit Opportunity

ATTN: Honors 2 Students

If you are an Honors English 2 student and are interested in extra credit, this message is for you.

For this quarter–and this quarter only–you have an opportunity to earn extra credit (don’t ask how much) by completing an assignment that meets the requirements below:

  1. Create a poster for one of the types of errors we’ve studied this quarter.
  2. Take photographs of these errors found in the Greater Columbus area–on bilboards, in advertisements, on coupon mailings, on local news websites, etc.  Put these photographs on the poster.  Be sure they are easy to see.
  3. Point out the error on each photograph.
  4. Present the poster to the class on Wednesday, November 17.  You will have to let Mrs. Evans know ahead of time that you are planning on presenting so she can be sure to plan accordingly.
  5. During your presentation, you present to the class the pictures and the mistakes on the pictures.  You must also explain why the error is incorrect.
  6. Most importantly, if any error is pointed out and is, in fact, correct, your project will not be accepted; you must also have every assignment turned in–no missing work.

See me after school on Tuesdays if you have any questions.  I will not address this extra credit opportunity during school hours.


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