English 2: Extra Credit Opportunity

ATTN: English 2 Students

If you are and English 2 student and you would like extra credit in class, you should complete the assignment below (don’t ask how much credit it is worth).

  1. Complete a poster which outlines the history of the Vietnam Memorial.
  2. Give information about the location of the memorial and the symbolism behind the creation of the memorial.
  3. Be prepared to present the poster to the class on Wednesday, November 17. 
  4. The poster will not be accepted unless the poster demonstrates that considerable effort was put forth in making the poster (i.e.: it was not just slapped together at the last minute).
  5. If you have any missing assignments, you may not complete this assignment.
  6. You must let Mrs. Evans know that you plan on presenting so she can plan accordingly.

If you have any questions about this project, please see Mrs. Evans after school on Tuesdays.  I will not discuss this project during school hours.


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