Honors 2: Topic Sentences, cont’d

Today, students completed the exit slip from Tuesday.

Then, students wrote two new topic sentences for the paragraphs below:


  • There is the brown widow, which is the one species of latrodectus that is found world wide.  There is also the red widow spider that is indigenous to the palmetto leaves of south and central Florida.  The other three widows of North America all used to be considered a single species: the western black widow, the northern black widow and the southern black widow.  The western black widow doesn’t live in Kentucky, but the other two do.  Both species are very abundant in population.  The only difference between the two is that the southern black widow has an unbroken hour glass marking.  They both pose the same amount of threat to humans.
  • The black widow makes a tangle web and is more likely to exist near wood or in outdoor areas.  The brown recluse makes an untidy looking web.  The web’s untidy structure makes it look vacant or abandoned.  People are more likely to clean or go near a brown recluse web than a black widow web because it looks abandoned.  This leads to more unexpected bites by the brown recluse spider. 

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