English 2: Library work time

Today, students went to the library to type up their essays.  The essays are based on Tuesday’s assignment, which was due today. 

Students are to use SEE to write three paragraphs which explain the three examples of Nazi propaganda.  Each paragraph should discuss one of the examples found.

For example, if I found the poster below, I would write the paragraph below it.

     One Nazi propaganda poster uses plain folks method to further the Nazi agenda.  Plain folks method is used to appeal to regular, average people in order to encourage them to support the cause.  In this poster, we see a picture of an average-looking German working on a structure.  The words on the poster translate to read, “Hitler is building. Help him. Buy German goods.”  These words, combined with the German symbols in the background encourage average German citizens to support the government by purchasing only German goods. 

In the example above, you’ll notice a simple topic sentence, followed by the explanation of the poster, and then the explanation of the poster’s propaganda useage.  You should follow the same pattern in your three paragraphs.


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