An OGT and a Mockingbird

Today, students responded to the OGT question (#9) below:

Which sentence would be an appropriate closing sentence for an essay?

  • A. His early years were spent on his uncle’s ranch.
  • B. There are three techniques to master, and we will review each one in detail.
  • C. A variety of therapies may be considered under the category of “alternative medicine.”
  • D. After considering the research, the most expensive paint may not be the best paint to use.

Then, we discussed new characters foudn in chapter 3 of To Kill a Mockingbird.  Students were given the To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 1-4 reviewIMPORTANT: On Tuesday, we will discuss the quotes found on the last page of the packet.  Be sure you’ve read all of chapter 3 by Tuesday so we can have a good discussion.  By next Thursday, the whole packet should be complete and all of chapter 1-4 read. 


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